Weddings for Mom

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Weddings for Mom is located on the France Family Farm.

The venue is open from June thru Sept for Wedding, Birthday parties, Meetings and other outdoor events.

The France Family Farm is the combination of two older homesteads that were founded in the late 1800's. One homestead (the old Brown place) was purchased by Bethel Vernon and gifted to my mom, his daughter, as a wedding present when she married Howard (Shadow) France in 1959. The other is the Carey place which our family purchased in 1972. The combine acres of both places is a little over 105 acres.

The Place is on the North Fork of the Alsea river. The head waters of the Alsea are approximatly 18 miles up stream from us. There are 30 acres in grass that supports the farm animals that we raise. The rest, 75 Plus acres, is wooded with 10 creeks, 2 ponds, 1 dam, and over a mile of river front.

There are two houses on the place. A lower place, on the site of the old Carey house and the upper house, my dad and granddad built it from 1960 to 1961.

The family is made up of my mom and four brothers. Shadow passed away in 1979. Our extended family includes about six other families that pitch in with help during the year either by buying livestock, adding muscle to help hay or by build fence when need.